Humid air hangs over the undulating heaths and ridges of Halland. A mountain pine extends at the window glass, shyly catching the strokes of sunlight. Among wooded landscapes and mile-long beaches rests an artist’s dream on the Swedish west coast, strategically hidden amidst the trees. This almost sixty-year-old house used to belong to the iconic furniture designer and architect Bruno Mathsson. His soul is still present.

The scene is light, warm and open. Beautiful leather furniture and wooden accessories take their place next to furnishings originally designed for the building by Mathsson himself. Simplicity, functionality and an intimate relation to nature authenticate all aspects of his work. The summer house in Frösakull, also known as the House of Tomorrow, is no exception.

Stool, 5500 sek
Laptop case, 1495 sek
Hanger loop, 350 sek

The Encounter

A magazine rack hangs proudly next to a rare double bed; the last of it’s kind. Here, the new and the old gets to meet on borrowed land beneath azure blue skies. The timeless handicraft, mostly comprised of wood and leather, is made for life and living.

Hanger 90, 1200 sek

Bench, 15500 sek

Stool, 5500 sek

The House

As we walk through the house, we are filled with calmness. Here are no boundaries. Inside blends with outside. It’s almost hard to tell where nature stops—if ever. Wood, grass, trees, leather, sand and stone creates a soft notion of freedom and openess. Here is room for your dreams. Here is room for change. With a stove on wheels, you can even choose your place to cook for the day, depending on your mood.

Daybed, 35000 sek

Shelf 30, 1200 sek
Shelf 90, 1900 sek

”Standing in the atrium, surrounded by Mathson's classic work, I sense the tide of history - and paradise”
Hillevi Magnell, Designer

Trolley, 12500 sek

Trolley, 12500 sek
Eye glass case, 395 sek

The Craftsmanship

The hanger, the eyeglass case, the stool and the hatrack from Smålands Skinnmanufaktur sink gently and seamlessly into the house. Like the building, these products are manufactured to withstand weather and wind. Made to become even more beautiful over the years; especially when cared for with love. These products are carefully created by human hands to be experienced over and over again.

Hat rack, 1700 sek
Tote bag, 2395 sek
Laptop case, 1495 sek

Bench, 15500 sek

“Bruno Mathsson was an impressive person who created furniture with simplicity and function. These furniture are today´s classics. Now we continue to create Swedish design history”
Hillevi Magnell, Designer

The team

Art Director: Hillevi Magnell
Designer: Hillevi Magnell & Sara Rudenstam, SSM
Styling: Sundling Kickén
Photo: Emily Laye
Word: Ellinor Hellberg